Hand-dyed Indigo Mudcloth

$ 70.00

Mudcloth (bògòlanfini) from West Africa is centuries-old art of mud dyeing cotton. In a time-intensive process, whereby local artisans soak the cotton in natural dyes made from leaves and dry in the sun, then hand paint traditional geometric patterns using fermented river mud and bark. Rich in meaning, the geometric markings often tell a story about the maker or local history. Woven and dyed by hand, each one is one of a kind. Indigo mud cloth textiles can be used as a wall hanging, to drape over a couch or piece of furniture, a table runner or a bed throw. The fabric can also be used for making pillows, bedding, or tablecloths.

Handmade textiles are dyed by hand one by one; natural variations in color and pattern are part of its unique character. As with many hand made pieces, this item has some signs of imperfections. These imperfections are not considered flaws but valuable characteristics making each hand made cloth unique. The imperfections of the weave, dye, stitch, and painted design are a natural characteristic, and serve to enhance the individual uniqueness and charm of each handmade tribal textile.

  • 45" W x 62"H